• Alumoweld® Aluminum-Clad Steel Formable Wire


    • Superior corrosion resistance compared with traditional galvanized wires
    • Single wires available in a range of diameters from 2.3mm to 7.24mm
    • Smooth finish for ease of processing by formed wire manufacturers
    • Permanent bond between the aluminum coating and steel core for lifetime performance


    • Used by formed wire manufacturers for attachment hardware components
    • Used by specialty spring manufacturers


It is important in many installations to design an end-to-end Alumoweld solution, including all grips and armor rods. Alumoweld manufactures a product specifically designed for use by formed wire and accessories manufacturers. This product brings the beneficial properties of Alumoweld to the manufacture of dead ends, connectors, joiners, and other hardware required to complete an Alumoweld installation. Alumoweld is the only aluminum coated product that uses a special, malleable steel core in its formed wire solution.

Compatibility maintains the integrity of your system.

If you're considering using Alumoweld in your application, you should also use Alumoweld hardware and accessories. Alumoweld formed wire products are readily available from several third party manufacturers. By using Alumoweld connectors and anchors, you guarantee a metallurgical compatibility which eliminates conflicts between dissimilar metals and matches the life expectancy of the conductor or guy wire.

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