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  • Distribution Dead End


Dead End - Aluminum covered steel and galvanized steel.
Color code and crossover marks - Identifies proper conductor size and indicates application starting point.
Identification tag - Shows catalog number, conductor diameter range (when applicable) and nominal conductor size.
Loop type - Open helix for smaller sizes and cabled for larger sizes.
General Recommendations
Distribution Grip Dead Ends are recommended as a replacement for Bare Looped Dead Ends because of their stronger loops and higher holding strengths on ACSR cable. Aluminum covered steel Grips are used on bare aluminum based conductors and galvanized steel Grips are used for plastic jacketed conductors. Coated Dead Ends are also recommended for jacketed conductors. Distribution Grip Dead Ends are specifically designed for single pole distribution construction.
Rated Holding Strength
The mechanical strengths of Distribution Grip Dead Ends meet the requirements of primaries, secondaries, and substation feeders.
Tapping onto the applied legs of the Distribution Grip Dead Ends is not recommended. Taps should be located either six inches from the gritted legs on the conductor or on the other end of the conductor passing through the Dead End.




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