• ADSS Mini-Span® Fiber Optic Cable


    • Gel-filled tubes are reverse-oscillated to allow slack for mid-span access
    • Up to 144 fibers in cable
    • Full complement of attachment hardware available
    • Pole-to-pole span lengths range from 50 feet to over 1000 feet
    • Single jacket design decreases the diameter and weight when compared to double jacket ADSS cable
    • No separation requirement of ADSS from conductors per National Electric Safety Code (NESC) section 235


    • Electric utility distribution power lines – framed-in supply or communications space
    • Underground duct
    • Enterprise OSP networks
    • Fiber-to-the-X (FTTx) networks


AFL Mini-Span All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable is designed for aerial distribution power lines. As its name indicates, there are no metallic components and the cable does not require a support or messenger wire. Mini-Span ADSS cables are a single jacket design intended for the shorter pole-to-pole span lengths in a distribution environment. The Mini-Span product families streamline aerial fiber optic hardware selection with various fiber counts in standardized diameters.

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