• LightLink Optical Entrance Enclosures


    • Manages multiple cable enter and exit facilities
    • Each splice tray handles up to 48 single fusion or 144 mass fusion splices
    • Enclosures for indoor or outdoor NEMA 3 applications
    • Internal ground bar and pass through ground lugs


    • Central Office
    • Headend
    • Data Center
    • Substation
    • Controlled Environment Vault (CEV)
    • Customer Premise


Optical Entrance Enclosures (OEE) provide a wall-mounted, NEMA 3 rated splicing solution where joining large numbers of fibers at a protected or unprotected convergence point is the objective.  The OEE can be thought of as a high-capacity fiber demarcation point, typically serving as the transition point at a Central Office, Headend, Data Center, Substation/CEV or other customer location transitioning from non-flame rated outside plant cable to a flame rated indoor style cable.  The enclosure provides an adequate and intuitively designed means to store slack such as to ease the installation process and provision for future reconfigurations.  Rigid mount telescopic splice trays (trays sold separately) provide individual access to each splice/group of splices without the need to unstack or reconfigure splice trays and cable slack to do so, and supports ribbon, loose tube and tight-buffered fibers.  The OEE uses shingle kits to support management of up to 60 cables (total) of various sizes entering/exiting the enclosure, and seals / retains each individually.  All steel construction, a durable powder coat finish and stainless steel hardware ensure reliability, while a robust and flexible wedge-style wall mounting solution and a keyed lock is a standard feature add security to the installation.

Optical Entrance Enclosures are available in two sizes / capacities:

  • OEE 288/576 (12 trays) - up to 576F single / 1728F mass splicing
  • OEE 720/1440 (30 trays) - up to 1440F single / 4320F mass splicing





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