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  • UV-Visible (UV-Vis) Medical Laser Delivery Fibers


    • Step-Index multimode high-OH pure silica core designs
    • Core diameters from 50 ?m to 2000 ?m available
    • Biocompatible coating make these fibers suitable for laser surgery and other medical procedures
    • Available for typical UV-Visible lasers as well as DUV applications


Verrillon® UV-Vis Medical Laser Delivery Fibers are designed with high-OH pure-silica core multimode waveguides for applications requiring the transmission of laser energy in the Ultra-Violet and Visible spectral regions. This family of fibers is suitable for coupling with typical medical lasers operating in the 300 to 1150 nm, such as KTP, Argon and Excimer lasers.

In addition to the typical UV lasers, Verrillon also offers a suite of Solarization-Resistant Fibers (SRF) with high transmission in the Deep UV (DUV) spectrum for applications requiring low optical absorption in the 190 to 300 nm. The optical attenuation chart below shows that Verrillon’s SRF is completely immune to DUV radiation even at the ArF laser wavelength of 193 nm.





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