iPackets Signs a 3-Way Partnership to Deliver All-in-One Wireless Mine Safety Offering for the U.S.

iPackets International, Inc. ("iPackets") (OTC: IPKL), a developer and provider of wireless communications software and equipment for the mine-safety industry, is pleased to announce that it is partnering with AFL Network Services – Enterprise Division, and Kentucky-based Mainline Communications (“Mainline”) to deliver an all-in-one comprehensive wireless mine-safety offering for the U.S. mining industry, which will be tailored and configured to meet each client’s needs.

The U.S. offering, branded as Mine11 (pronounced mine-one-one), will be powered by iPackets’ iPMine mine-safety product, AFL Network Services’ MobileNet™ product, network design, and integration, and Mainline’s sales and marketing expertise, communications installation and deployment services. Mainline is also the exclusive distributor for AFL’s MobileNet product in the mining industry.

“This partnership between iPackets, AFL’s Enterprise Services and Mainline is truly unique in the mine-safety industry since it provides clients with the best of breed solutions encapsulated in a single offering,” says Naiel Kanno, president and CEO for iPackets. “As we’ve stated in previous press releases, the U.S. mine-safety industry could generate significant revenues for us, and we are delighted to enter the U.S. market with AFL’s Enterprise Services division and Mainline.”

“This partnership provides a one-of-a-kind solution to the mining industry,” stated Miner Lawrence, Director of Program Management & Advanced Solution Systems for AFL Network Services’ Enterprise Division. “We are pleased to partner with iPackets and Mainline and look forward to implementing this solution in the very near future.”

AFL’s MobileNet product allows the end user to extend their network to virtually any remote location that may other wise be geographically impossible to get to, or be used as part of a disaster recovery solution. Recent subterranean wireless tests, both 802.11 & 900 MHz, have been performed and shown to produce successful results.

Michael Fox, a principal owner of Mainline, expressed the importance of the products and services the partnership is offering, stating that, “Since our company is headquartered in Eastern Kentucky, an area where the mining industry has historically been prevalent, we are acutely aware of the urgent need to improve mine safety, specifically in the areas of tracking, monitoring and communicating with underground miners. Our geographic advantageous location and relationships with decision makers in the mining industry provides us with unique opportunities to market and deploy this solution effectively and efficiently. Most importantly, we are very proud to be part of a solution that will improve safety conditions in mines and will most certainly save lives in the future.”

About AFL Network Services
AFL Network Services – Enterprise Division, is headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Fujikura, Ltd. AFL Network Services, with 35 field offices in the U.S. and over 1300 employees, provides telecommunications installation and maintenance services in the enterprise, wireline and wireless markets. For more information on Fujikura, Ltd., visit www.fujikura.co.jp. For more information on AFL Network Services, visit www.AFLglobal.com. 

About Mainline Communications, Inc.
Kentucky-based Mainline Communications specializes in mine-safety and telecommunications solutions throughout the United States. Through its partnerships, Mainline tailors these solutions to perspective clients. For more information, visit www.mainlinecomm.com.

About iPackets International, Inc. and iPMine
iPackets International is a developer and provider of wireless communications software and equipment for the global mine-safety industry. iPMine, the company’s flagship product designed to significantly improve the safety of miners and equipment, is a real-time two-way wireless communications solution that tracks, monitors, and communicates with miners and equipment underground and above ground. For more information, visit www.ipackets.com.

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President and CEO
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