AFL Introduces FiberWipes™

Spartanburg, SC - AFL is introducing FiberWipes™, new fiber optic grade cloth cleaning wipes. Stronger and more absorbent than traditional cellulose wipes, FiberWipes are clean room packaged and supplied in a rugged dispenser tub to ensure that the wipes remain clean and dry prior to use.

FiberWipes are sized to complement the new Fiber Prep Fluid and FCC2 Connector Cleaning Fluid dispenser tops. Taking into account customer feedback, AFL took action and improved the packaging for both of these cleaning fluid products. Specifically, an innovative 3-way "flip-top" cover now replaces the original right-angle spray nozzle increasing functionality and allowing the leak-proof containers to support:
Wetting of CCT cleaning sticks for cleaning connectors in adapters
Use of supplied straw for spray applications
Wetting of wipes with simple one-handed operation
The FCC2 fluid is designed for cleaning connectors and adaptors with CCT cleaning sticks, drying rapidly with minimal air flow. The Fiber Prep fluid is designed to replace IPA alcohol when cleaning stripped fibers prior to fusion splicing and/or using field installable connectors such as AFL's FAST™ connectors.

Both fluids are 0.2 micron filtered pure fluids are designed for cleaning fiber optics with the primary difference being drying time. In addition, they are ozone-safe and environmentally-safe. US EPA SNAP approved and EU RoHS compliant, the fluids are non-hazardous and not regulated for all modes of transport – meaning that they are safe for air shipment with common carriers.

As fiber optic networks are increasingly installed and maintained by greater numbers of workers, and system designers continue to push bandwidth requirements, greater emphasis is place on connector hygiene. AFL has your solution for cleanliness with its cleaning and inspection solutions.

About AFL
AFL is an industry leader in providing fiber optic products, engineering expertise and integrated services to the Electric Utility, Broadband, Telco, OEM, Private Network and Wireless markets. It has operations in the U.S., Mexico and the U.K. AFL is a division of Fujikura Ltd. of Japan.

Don Allard, Product Manager

Corie Culp, Public Relations Manager