SkyWrap®: Not Just a Cable; a Proven Solution

Spartanburg, SC - Having installed over 15,000 miles of this innovative fiber optic cable system, AFL is re-introducing SkyWrap to the electrical transmission and distribution industries. With over 30 years of proven technology, SkyWrap utilizes patented lightweight equipment to wrap cable onto ground wire or phase conductors on overhead power lines. Adaptable for high, medium or lower voltage, SkyWrap is ideal for managing demand, communication network builds and upgrades, or optimizing networks as it quickly installs a fiber optic link on existing infrastructure with minimal or no disruption in service.

The SkyWrap cable and installation method provides an extremely cost-effective and long-term solution. With fiber counts up to 144, SkyWrap is ideal for maximizing capacity for communications, internal control and monitoring of infrastructure, and for providing third party telecommunications services. Bullet-resistant cable designs are available for installation in harsh environments with a full range of accessories for any tower or conductor type. The installation equipment consists of a patented spinning machine and a remotely operated gas-powered tug, making it ideal for even the most difficult of terrains.

"As customer demand puts increasing pressure on power utilities to provide consistent levels of electricity, the need for reliable control and monitoring is vital," said Kurt Dallas, General Manager of AFL , Cable Systems. "But when costs are high and demand is constant, the risk of power outages increases. AFL's SkyWrap solution not only provides a way to install fiber optic cable without replacing existing wires, but also provides cost savings with quick installation without power outage time."

As a retrofit cable solution, SkyWrap stands alone compared to other installation methods – the cable does not unwind, loosen or deteriorate. The system is optimized to deal with temperature variations, remaining tight on the conductor while ensuring no fiber strain.

AFL also provides complete turnkey installation and project management services to maximize the benefits of SkyWrap installation. With nearly 25 years of experience in fiber optic cable technology, engineering and installation around the world, AFL is uniquely positioned to assist with the best and most relevant solutions.

For additional information on SkyWrap and to view a video of the SkyWrap installation process, click here.

About AFL
AFL, a subsidiary of Fujikura Ltd. of Japan, is an industry leader in providing fiber optic products, engineering expertise and integrated services to the Electric Utility, Broadband, Telco, OEM, Private Network and Wireless markets. AFL is headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina and has additional operations in the U.S., Mexico and the U.K.

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