AFL Introduces Integrated LDF Cleaving and Splicing Capabilities

Spartanburg, SC — AFL will demonstrate enhanced capabilities for LDF splicing and cleaving during Photonics West 2010 being held in San Francisco beginning January 26.

The upgraded Fujikura FSM-45PM-LDF-2 and the FSM-45F-LDF splicers have been enhanced with a new dual-position fiber holder system, providing improved performance for LDF fibers. The original inner fiber holder position is retained and essentially unchanged from previous 45-series splicers and offers exactly the same handling capabilities as before. This position is ideal for splicing standard size fibers, and even LDF fibers up to a 250µm cladding diameter. A new outboard fiber holder position on both splicers offers better alignment capabilities for larger LDF fibers such as 400µm clad LMA fibers by positioning the Fujikura fiber holder further away from the splicer V-grooves. In conjunction with a reduced fiber holder incident angle relative to the splicer V-grooves (or a zero-degree fiber holder angle in the case of the FSM-45F-LDF), this greatly reduces the possibility of exciting higher order modes at the splice point.

In order to provide user-friendly fiber preparation and splicing capabilities for LDF splicing, the NYFORS AutoCleaverLDF has been modified with a new fiber holder mounting rail that also provides dual fiber holder mounting positions for Fujikura fiber holders to match those of the Fujikura FSM-45PM-LDF-2 and FSM-45F-LDF splicers. Therefore, as fiber lasers transition into higher volume production, the Fujikura splicer and NYFORS cleavers provide an ergonomic and integrated system with seamless fiber preparation and transfer into the splicer. Both the NYFORS AutoCleaverLDF and the Fujikura FSM-45F-LDF also incorporate a third outer mounting position for NYFORS fiber holders. This is useful for extra-large diameter fibers such as fibers with cladding diameters greater than 500µm.

An improved and enhanced version of the NYFORS AutoCleaverLDF will be introduced at Photonics West that not only includes the new dual-fiber holder mounting rail, but other improvements as well. The automatic scrap collector has been modified for greatly improved performance with LDF fiber. An air bottle attachment has been developed to allow NYFORS cleaver use without connection to shop-air, thereby enhancing portability and utility in lab environments.

A new angled cleaving version of the NYFORS AutoCleaverLDF will be introduced at Photonics West. This cleaver retains standard cleaving capability and complete compatibility with the Fujikura splicers including the dual positions for Fujikura fiber holders. The new angled cleaving attachment can be retrofitted to any NYFORS AutoCleaverLDF.

AFL will also introduce and demonstrate the new NYFORS CleaveMeter MP1, an automated interferometer utilized in support of NYFORS AutoCleaver models to analyze cleave angles and cleave quality. Useful to fine tune cleaver settings for various fiber diameters and fiber types, the CleaveMeter MP1 completes and compliments the Fujikura/NYFORS LDF cleaving and splicing system. A dramatic improvement over the previous model, the CleaveMeter MP1 utilizes a 1.3 mega pixel camera in conjunction with 2X digital zoom to provide accurate and detailed fiber end image analysis for both large diameter fibers and 125µm. The new PC-based graphic user interface is easy to use, providing automated image analysis and determination of the cleave angle as well as data collection capability. The CleaveMeter MP1 connects to a PC with a standard USB cable.

To see demonstrations of NYFORS products and Fujikura fusion splicers, visit AFL at Photonics West 2010, booth #4518. For additional information, visit

About AFL
AFL is a 100% owned subsidiary of Fujikura Ltd. of Japan and the only authorized agent in North America to distribute Fujikura fusion splicers. AFL has operations in the U.S., Mexico and Europe and sales offices in Asia and the Middle East. For additional information, visit

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Corie Culp, Public Relations Manager