AFL Launches New Mid-Range Cleaver Series

Spartanburg, SC - AFL announces the launch of its new mid-range cleaver series, both providing high quality cleaving at an economical price. Compact and lightweight, both cleavers are ideal for field installations and mechanical splices.

The CT-10A series fiber cleaver is designed for cleaving single fibers only with average angles of 0.5 degrees. The rugged yet scaled-down design offers a simple, single-step operation and high precision cleaves. An optional scrap collector is available.

The CT-11A single fiber cleaver is specifically designed for angled cleaving applications. Supplied with a factory adjustment to the industry standard of eight degrees, the CT-11A has the ability to cleave up to nine degrees. Rugged and durable, this cleaver is ideal for FTTH installers and others working in harsh environments.

Both cleavers incorporate an easily replaceable blade and cleave 250µm and 900µm fibers. The CT-10A and CT-11A are easy to use, simple to adjust and extremely consistent. For additional information, visit

About AFL
AFL is an industry leader in providing fiber optic products, engineering expertise and integrated services to the Electric Utility, Broadband, Telco, OEM, Private Network and Wireless markets. A division of Fujikura Ltd. of Japan, AFL has operations in the U.S., Mexico and Europe.

  Greg Pickeral, Product Manager