AFL’s Fiber Security™ Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Evaluated by National Safe Skies Alliance

Spartanburg, SC – AFL announces that its Fiber Security, a fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS), was tested by the National Safe Skies Alliance (Safe Skies), an FAA-funded non-profit, independent organization that specializes in airport safety and security testing.
Safe Skies subjected the Fiber Security system to an intensive all-season evaluation in an airport environment from December 2011 through October 2012. During this time, rigorous intrusion detection performance and environmental exposure testing was performed to assess the system’s detection reliability, as well as nuisance and false alarm rates.
“AFL’s Fiber Security system offers an optimal balance between threat detection and extremely low nuisance alarm rates,” said Sean Foley, security market manager for AFL. “We believe that the Safe Skies testing provides the best comparison of AFL's system’s capabilities compared with other PID systems on the market.”
AFL’s Fiber Security perimeter intrusion detection system is a vibration sensing system that alerts users when an intrusion event occurs along a facility’s perimeter. AFL’s technology utilizes a fence-mounted fiber optic sensing cable coupled with a central optical sensing unit. While the common application is to mount the sensor cable onto a chain link fence, buried and solid wall solutions are also available. The system pinpoints the location of the intrusion event and has robust algorithms for avoiding nuisance alarms that often plague other vibration-based detection systems.
Foley continues, “After reviewing the test report, we believe users will find our solution very appealing when considered with additional benefits including immunity to lightning and EMI, a wide range of external interface options, no power or signal cable required at the fence and a low incremental cost per foot. Fiber Security is a rugged and reliable system that offers an attractive solution to the airport security community as well as other government agencies.”
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