AFL Launches Tension Fiber Cleavers for Medical/Fiber Laser Market

Spartanburg, SC – AFL is introducing the Fujikura CT-104 tension cleaver designed for fibers with a cladding diameter of 80 to 600 µm. Developed to address the medical and fiber laser markets, the CT-104 fiber cleavers offer superior tension cleaving performance beyond other conventional cleavers. The cleavers incorporate a manual clamping system that allows for a quicker cleaving process than what is typical with automated clamping systems.

“The new cleaver provides a fiber cleaving solution that fits between the Fujikura CT-101 and CT-105 cleavers, addressing those applications where speed and performance are key to productivity,” commented Brad Hendrix, global specialty market manager for AFL/Fujikura. “We believe that the market led us to a product that addresses larger cladding diameters at a price point that we believe customers will appreciate.”

The CT-104 tension cleaver is equipped with a new motorized diamond blade assembly. The tension is easily adjusted to meet the precise requirements for all fiber diameters in this range. Additionally, the CT-104 features a large screen as well as the same user interface as our CT-105 and CT-106 cleavers.

Fujikura is well-known around the world for providing the industry standard in fusion splicing. AFL is the exclusive provider of these products in North America and offers an extensive lineup of fusion splicers for specialty splicing applications.

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Brad Hendrix
Global Specialty Market Manager

Corie Culp
Public Relations Manager