AFL FTTH Made Easy Webcast Event

Spartanburg, SC - AFL announces the FTTH Made Easy Webcast event (reg. closed) that answers FTTH questions, specifically targeting developers/builders, development consultants, real estate professionals and land use planners.

Sponsored by Land Development Today and AFL, the panel will consist of James Carbine, Residential and Commercial Developer, Carbine Company Inc., and Jamie Spurlock, FTTH System Operator, Crystal Clear Technologies. Both Carbine and Spurlock have built several communities, and will provide feedback based on their first-hand experience.

The web cast will answer many questions typical for those building a new community. Got FTTH questions? We’ve got the answers. Sign up online to attend this complimentary event.

About AFL
AFL, a division of Fujikura Ltd., is an industry leader in providing fiber optic products, engineering expertise and integrated services to the telecommunications industry. For the FTTH market, AFL offers a "FTTH Made Easy" program that includes end-to-end system integration. AFL's product portfolio includes G-PON, GE-PON and point-to-point electronics, IP / RF Video, system integration and FTTx business modeling capabilities. Visit us at

Kent Brown - Director, Access Solutions