AFL Selects Modular Integrated Solutions to Expand Its Data Center Capabilities

Spartanburg, SC - AFL, Enterprise Services, a provider of telecommunications and maintenance services, announces an agreement with Modular Integrated Solutions, Inc. (MIS) to provide sales, installation and support services for Data Center in a Row (DCR). Installation and support services will be provided by AFL’s extensive technician network located in most major metropolitan centers throughout the United States.

"This partnership provides tremendous value for all of our current and future customers," said Rodger Gooch, Founder and President of MIS. "The stability and adaptability of the DCR design is perfectly matched with the performance strengths of AFL. We look forward to teaming with AFL to provide strong product and service combinations throughout the US."

The Data Center in a Row is a self-contained data center which includes all the essential components required to provide a total computer infrastructure complete with the following:
• A base module to support the cooling system, computer racks and fire detection/suppression and power distribution modules
• A mechanical cooling system (direct expansion) requiring no additional external mechanical cooling devices or chilled water or fluid cooling system for heat removal
• Standard commercially-available enclosed computer racks
• A single module housing an electrical distribution panel, fire detection and clean suppressing agent, surge suppression and back up cooling fan controls
• Plenum-rated power cables from the distribution panel to each computer cabinet and other support devices
• Return air modules to return the heated air to the cooling system
• Back up ventilation system complete with inlet dampers, low wattage fans and back draft dampers to provide sufficient ambient air flow through the cabinets to remove the heat generated by the computers in the event the mechanical cooling is not available
"Modular Integrated Solutions complements our existing business and provides added value for our customers," said Mike Booth, Executive Vice President of AFL. "With the Data Center in a Row, our customers will reap the rewards of a self-contained closed architecture system that provides air conditioning, power distribution, remote monitoring, fire detection and suppression in a single package, ultimately reducing their implementation and operating costs. It’s a must-have product for any data center."

The Data Center in a Row can be provided as a complete assembled system or can be assembled onsite. Additional sections (computer racks and mechanical cooling modules) can be added at a later date if additional electronic devices are added. With the addition of pin and sleeve electrical disconnects for the power cables and isolating valves for the mechanical cooling, the system can be relocated. By including the second electrical load center, the system can provide dual power feeds resulting in a dual buss system for higher tier rating and fault tolerance. The system can be provided with casters for easy re-location. The DCR is a closed architecture system. Therefore, it is more energy efficient than open architecture systems as it provides environmental control of the electronic equipment only, not the entire room.

Additional information on AFL and DCR can be found online.

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