Measurement QUADrupled!

Spartanburg, SC - AFL is launching the NOYES C-Series QUAD test solution, including a compact QUAD OTDR and QUAD Certification Test Kit with the capability to mix and match to suit your network testing needs.

The C850 QUAD OTDR is a compact, full-featured QUAD OTDR with integrated single-mode and multimode Optical Light Sources, Optical Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator, and a large transflective touch screen display suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation. The C850 offers built-in Certification Auto Test functionality which can be used with another C850 or the C840 QUAD Certifications tester.

The C840 QUAD Certification Tester includes both single-mode and multimode Optical Light Sources, an Optical Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator. This unit is designed to perform Auto Test Certification in pairs such as in the C880 and C860 kits below. Or use the tester alone as a traditional power meter or light source to measure fiber loss, or as a Visual Fault Locator to find fiber breaks.

The C880 QUAD Certification Test Kit combines two C840 Certification Testers designed for Tier 1 testing and troubleshooting both multimode and single-mode fiber links.

Each tester includes a single-mode and multimode Optical Light Source, an Optical Power Meter and an integrated Visual Light Source, which can be used independently or combine two C840’s to perform two fiber Certification Auto Tests.

For the ultimate Tier 1 and Tier 2 test solutions, AFL created the C860 QUAD OTDR and Certification Test Kit which includes a C840 and a C850. This kit allows the user to perform Tier 1 dual wavelength multimode or single-mode Certification Auto Tests of two fibers in both directions, measure both loss and length of the fibers, and compare the results to industry standards, applications and user-defined threshold values to certify the fibers. With single-mode and multimode capabilities, the C860 supports simultaneous dual or single wavelength OTDR testing, fault finding and Auto Test Certification. The C860 kit includes cleaning and test accessories making it a comprehensive solution for testing premise networks.

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