AFL Introduces New Interconnection Module for Closures

Spartanburg, SC – AFL is introducing a new Interconnection Module that accommodates a distribution point in the field for 48 SC or 96 LC connections in AFL's LG-350 sealed closure, designed for large fiber count splicing up to 384 single or 1152 mass splices. Easily attached using two nylon snaps, optical devices are protected and unnecessary handling of sensitive components is prevented once the module is secured. Ample space is still available to mount MUX / DeMUX or splitter modules within the closure.

These Interconnection Modules are available pre-assembled or empty. The pre-assembled version can be loaded with SC/APC, SC/UPC, LC/APC or LC/UPC adapters and/or 900µm pigtails. The empty version is factory-installed on a base plate to allow installers to use their own adapters.

The interconnection modules are available now. For additional information, visit

About AFL
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 Rich Cubala,
OSP Product Specialist, AFL