AFL Releases First OPGW Wedge-Type Dead End in the Industry

Spartanburg, SC – AFL is launching a first in the industry –  a wedge-style dead end designed to terminate Optical Ground Wire (OPGW). AFL's wedge dead end is user-friendly, improving the ease and speed of installing OPGW, compared to bolted and formed wire devices.

The new wedge dead end has three loose components, as compared to 15+ with bolted dead ends and 10+ with formed wire deadends. The self-locking wedge design secures the cable and eliminates human error associated with proper torque on bolted dead ends. The unique cam action in the pivoting cable guide ensures proper alignment of the wedges prior to loading. The wedges automatically provide the necessary gripping action to meet the holding strength requirements.

No special tools are required for installation. A removal tool (sold separately) is available to unlock the wedges for situations requiring additional adjustment of the dead end.

The new wedge dead end is now available. For additional information, view it online.

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  Gary Harter,
Commercial Manager, AFL