AFL Introduces HiTUC High Temperature Universal Compound for Filler and Pad-to-Pad Connections

Spartanburg, SC – AFL is launching a High Temperature Universal Compound (HiTUC) that can be used as a filler compound on high-temp compression accessories and pad-to-pad connections. Designed to withstand the increased operating temperatures of high temperature/low sag conductors, HiTUC is ideal for dead ends, joints, terminals, tee taps and jumper connectors.

Key features include:

  • Low electrical resistance – containing extremely hard metallic particles, metal-to-metal contact points are formed for low contact resistance.
  • Wide temperature tolerance – workable at low temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) and extremely high temperatures of 250°C (482°F) without dripping.
  • Improved current flow – by creating an irregular surface, conductivity is improved with more metal-to-metal connections. The grit acts as a wire brush and creates a low resistance connection in bolted pads of dead ends, terminals and tee taps.
  • Moisture resistance – during compression, the compound is forced between conductor strands and seals out harmful effects of contaminates, water and salt.
“HiTUC’s proven performance in extreme temperatures makes it a superior filler compound,” said Gary Harter, commercial manager for AFL’s conductor accessories division. “The compound reduces electrical resistance and improves current flow.”

With a three-year shelf life, HiTUC fits into a standard caulking gun and features a sight gauge along the length of the tube to allow users to check the remaining amount.

AFL provides a host of additional compounds including AFL Filler CompoundNo. 2 Electrical Joint Compound and HiTemp® AFL Filler Compound (AFCHT™). For more information on AFL, its products and services, visit

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Gary Harter
Commercial Manager

Corie Culp
Public Relations Manager