AFL Introduces Rodent-Deterrent Cable Jackets for Tactical and OSP Cables

Spartanburg, SC – AFL, a leading global fiber optics manufacturer and service provider, has developed a rodent-deterrent enhancement option for its tactical and OSP fiber optic cables. Containing a bittering agent, the new jacket option significantly reduces cable damage from gnawing rodents.
“The threat of rodent damage to fiber optic cables installed in certain harsh environment applications and outside plant locations is a real concern,” commented Craig Stratton, market and business development manager for AFL. “Conduit and metallic armoring are options but both increase the cost of the cable system and the complexity of the installation. By adding a bittering agent to the cable jacket, we can now offer a safer and economically feasible option.”
Cables placed in outside plant or harsh environment applications are designed to endure the extreme conditions of temperature fluctuations, crush and impact, tensile loading and even immersion or burial applications. Yet one of the biggest threats to fiber optic cable signal integrity is rodents chewing on cables resulting in exposed or broken fiber links which cause increased maintenance costs, reduced productivity and lost revenue.
The new rodent-deterrent cable jackets reduce maintenance costs and enhance cable life cycles. These cable jacket options offer a non-toxic, safe and effective method of reducing damage caused by rodents while still offering the ruggedness expected from AFL’s tactical and OSP fiber optic cables.
AFL rodent deterrent bittering agents are available in outside plant loose tube cables, outdoor tight buffered cables and our complete line of tactical tight-buffered cables. For more information on AFL, its products and services, visit
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Craig Stratton
Market and Business Development Manager, Industrial

Corie Culp
PR Manager