• NYFORS ReCoater 2 XL™


    • Easy mold exchange and replacement
    • Handles most fiber dimensions, with custom molds available
    • Uniform diameter, overcoating and undersize recoating capability
    • Short curing times
    • High and low-index recoating
    • Linear or mandrel strength testing


The extended length ReCoater 2 XL is used to restore the protective coating on
acrylate-coated optical fibers in high strength applications. Designed to process long
sections of stripped fiber, it accepts silicone molds of up to 110 mm length.
Molds are available in different sizes to cover a range of fiber coating diameters and can
easily be exchanged with no realignment required. With standard molds the recoated
part of the fiber is round with a cross section that perfectly and uniformly matches
that of the original coating, but molds can also be selected for both overcoating and
undersize recoating of optical fibers. These features as well as the ability to recoat
very long stripped fiber sections makes the ReCoater 2 XL ideal for research and
development operations and small scale production where the fiber type and length
need to be changed frequently.


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