• FUSEConnect® MPO Splice-On, Field Installable Connectors with Heat Sleeve


    • Field installable splice-on connector
    • Heat sleeve style splice protector
    • Utilises RT-02 ribbonizing tool for glueless termination process
    • Only six components
    • No adhesives, crimping or polishing
    • Field MPO polarity customisation
    • Includes 3.0 mm round and flat ribbon boots in each pack
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    • Connectorization in: RF-overlay FTTP networks, Cable TV backbone networks, Outside plant, MDU FTTP Cabling
    • Connector restoration in the field
    • Data centre installation
    • Patch cord customisation in the field


AFL’s FUSEConnect MPO splice-on, field-installable connectors are uniquely designed and feature just six components. The innovative factory pre-polished ferrule allows for a field-termination process that eliminates the need for polishing, adhesives and crimping in the field and minimises the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap. FUSEConnect MPO is part of the FUSEConnect splice-on connector family which includes SC, LC, ST and FC style connectors.

This updated design for the FUSEConnect MPO replaces the mechanical clamp splice protector with a heat protection sleeve utilizing the on-board splicer heater eliminating the need for a separate mechanical clamp tool. The connector is designed for use with the new RT-02 ribbonizing tool which does not require ribbonizing glue resulting in a cleaner termination process.

FUSEConnect MPO performs as an equivalent to the standard factory terminated MPO/MTP® assemblies. Designed to utilise standard ribbon, Spider Web Ribbon®, or loose tube cable, this connector helps minimise the complexity involved in the termination of a multi-fibre connection, allowing for a reliable and repeatable termination in field applications. AFL offers a tool kit as well as a variety of accessories designed to meet all your installation needs for your FUSEConnect MPO application.

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